Following the theme of going for it, this song promotes the idea that we all get our fifteen minutes of fame. Or something like it.
But what we do with our “shot” is our lasting epitaph. I’m talking about those rare but precious moments when whole segments of your life previously devoid of meaning and relevance now suddenly appear to have been integral parts of a carefully crafted plan leading you to this exact place and time!
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Smokin' Silvertones
Lakesides - Track 2 -
Just Like A Train
This is the moment, this is the time.
Here is the summit, the top of the climb.
All you have done, has led up to this. You must take your shot, and you must not miss.

You win some, you lose some, you struggle and strain. You find yourself thinking you’re going insane. You search for meaning, your way through the storm, only to find you’re not even warm!

But suddenly stars just seem to align. The chaos and doubt: like water to wine. The torturous path leads to a view. Now is the moment, and somehow you knew.

From the day you were born, till the day that you die: time is relentless, like a train rolling by, just like a train.