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This was my favorite song of the collection right from the start, but all Chainsaw did (in one take, mind you) is just take over. The haunting, Jeff Beck-style guitar throughout this song lends solid credence to the idea expressed in the lyrics: dream big. There is always going to be an even better song waiting to be written. Donít miss the love of your life for fear of striking out. Donít stop dreaming!
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Smokin' Silvertones
Lakesides - Track 3 -
Pipe Dream
Feed the hungry, clothe the poor.
Save the planet, stop the war.
Cut a record, become a star.
Make some magic in a bar.

Orbit earth, sail across the sea.
Move to the moon, eventually.
Build a mansion, learn Chinese.
Cure not just cancer, but all disease.

Got big ideas, there is no doubt.
Swing for the fence, though you might strike out.
Take my hand, I know the way.
Yes is all you have to say.

Read your mind, re-invent the wheel. Win your heart, like itís no big deal. Divine the right, and right the wrong, Steal your love with a pipe dream song.

Ideas like water from a bottomless well; the skyís the limit as far as I can tell.