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Smokin' Silvertones
Lakesides - Track 4 -
No Pain, No Gain
Flying low with the Smokin' Silvertones
In case you haven’t already noticed, I am totally addicted to clichés, and pretty much proud of it. Deal with it. From the git-go, this song was strictly for fun, but I didn’t really start enjoying it until I added the “ahhh”s. The title and most of the lyrics, of course, reiterate the song’s (and album‘s) overall theme that sooner or later, you get what you pay for. There’s “no free lunch”.
Get rich quick, short cuts and schemes;
Pie in the sky and impossible dreams.
Taking the low road, running a scam;
You’re stepping on toes, but
you don’t give a damn.

No pain, no gain, no more easy street;
No pain, no gain, got to bring the heat.
No pain, no gain, at the end of the day;
No pain, no gain, it’s the price you pay.

You want something for nothing,
but there’s no free lunch.
No use looking for luck,
or playing a hunch.
No guts, no glory, you know it’s true;
Bust your butt, till your face turns blue.

Take your medicine, pay your dues;
Pick your poison, wipe your shoes.
Pay the piper, walk the line;
Face the music, do your time.