I wrote this song to and for my son, Peter. It is my message to him that I am proud of him, I love him and want to be there for him as long as I possibly can. It is my sincere attempt to share with him whatever little wisdom I have. Or at least a good boogie song for him to enjoy.
I have spent many of the happiest hours of my life playing and singing rock and roll songs like this one, and, for better or worse, Pete is following a similar path.
I should mention that this song includes the only advice my dad ever gave me: Be a good husband and father. Canít top that. But do put your heart on the line, ergo: Do your best.

Note: Let there be no mistake: I love my daughter Lucy every bit as much as I love Pete. This is just one of those father/son things.
Looking for the magic, the right thing to say. Searching for the answers to the problems of the day. I canít make you strong, canít pay your way. Might not be for long, but Iím here today.
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Smokin' Silvertones
Lakesides - Track 5 -
Heart On The Line
(Pedal to the metal) Eyes on the road;
(Pedal to the metal) go for the gold;
(Pedal to the metal) watch for the sign;
(Pedal to the metal) put your heart on the line.

Do what you have to, but keep your head high. Donít burn your bridges, try not to lie. Think of who loves you, when you go to bed. Push, but keep your shirt on; smile and use your head.

Youíve found a soul mate; to her, be true. Be a good husband and a father; Itís the best thing you can do. Choose your friends wisely, live by ďthe ruleĒ. Sing from your soul, because life is a jewel.
Flying low with the Smokin' Silvertones