Dancing, dancing, dancing till dawn.
Hit the floor, get out of bed. Lose that down, let’s rock instead. The coffee’s strong, and we’re in the pocket. The night is young, let’s light this rocket.
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Saddle up the horses, memorize your lines. The force will be with us, I’ve seen all the signs. This hour of glory, a day in the sun. Bring on the bugles, our time has come.
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We’re on a roll, it’s time to go. Pour out your soul, let’s rock and roll.The curtains are drawn, the fear is all gone. Let’s get it on, dance until dawn.
Sorry, no advice here. This song started out as a simple pair of guitar chords overlaid with a bass riff, but really began to percolate when Chainsaw brought in the nasty Rolling Stonesish guitars. The “dancing till dawn” singers finally convinced me this was a legitimate dance number, also bound to be fun to perform.
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