You can cut me off in traffic, and I just might let it pass. But if you diss my son or daughter, I will kick your ass.

Iíve got strong emotions. Iím talking to you, bud. Think twice before you go messiní with my blood.
Fire me for no good reason, Iíll get back on my feet. But try to steal my woman, you best prepare to feel the heat.

You can take issue with my politics, and Iíll just say ďSo what?Ē If you wreck my reputation, Iíll have to kick your butt.

You might knock me down and kick me, and I will be alright. But lay a hand on my brother, dude, youíre asking for a fight.
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This unassuming little song keeps reminding me of Roy Orbison, no doubt thanks largely to Chainsawís tasty Silvertone guitar work. Somehow the parts of this song just fit together. I like the staccato notes at the end of the hook, and how nicely this song prepares you for the next one.
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Smokin' Silvertones
Lakesides - Track 7 -
Messin' With My Blood