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Chainsaw Orbison strikes again. Dude just took this song. It was a pouty little song I had around from last year, and I just liked the ďStart your engines, place your betsĒ line, but it took on an entirely new karma once Saw added that dada-da-da-dada guitar hook. Good luck getting that thing out of your head.
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Smokin' Silvertones
Lakesides - Track 9 -
Never Gonna Rock Again
Over the rainbow, over the hill; run for the money, run through the mill. Been through the fire, been through hell.

One step slower, but no regrets. Better start your engines, place your bets. Just goes to show, you never can tell.

So donít tell me Iím never gonna rock again. Donít say the fire is out. Donít tell me Iím never gonna rock again. Hereís what Iím talking Ďbout. Let there be no doubt: gonna make you jump and shout.

Better pace yourself, if you plan to stay; Youíll need your strength, when the guitars play. Wanna rock the house, just one more time.