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Finally, back to the serious thematic stuff. Despite the mention of a certain big name retailer where you are guaranteed to hear the title of this song after you give them your money, there is in fact some heavy stuff going on in this song. It describes a man struggling with who and what he is, painfully aware of his shortcomings, and clearly in need of spiritual guidance. ďLosing his religionď, so to speak. He knows he is coming up short, doubts himself, and offers this prayer.
Woke up this morning in an unfamiliar bed; dodged a bullet aimed right for my head.
Barely got my pants on when I ran out of time; hustled out the back door and the scene of the crime.

  Give me the courage, show me the way.
Lord knows Iím ready to have a great day.

  Shopping at Walmart; no longer care how I look or who sees me there. Canít shed this baggage, my ball and chain; not here to help you, and I donít feel your pain.
  Hammer my finger, I call your name; shit hits the fan, and you get the blame. I lose my nerve, where do I turn? Oh, please forgive me, will I never learn?
  Itís all about me, I wrote the song; have good intentions, but donít get me wrong: When the chips are down, I might pull the heist; Iíll fight temptation, but Iím not the Christ.
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Smokin' Silvertones
Lakesides - Track 10 -
Have A Great Day