Somebody, somewhere, has got an idea, something that might change the world. But the stars may not align, and time can be unkind. They get distracted and another flag goes unfurled.

   Don’t meander through the fog, go see a man about a dog. Someday your arteries will clog, don’t just sit there like a bump on a log; like a bump on a log.

  After a good night’s sleep, your mind is wide awake. You dodge the laptop and the phone. At long last you are alone. The future of the planet is at stake.
 You’re quick to see the downside, the reason it won’t play. Got to give it a shot and, successful or not, you’ll be the better man, either way.
 Turn off the tube, turn off the pod; stop pouring poison in your bod. Put on your shoes, forget your blues. Life is a gift to you from God.
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Smokin' Silvertones
Lakesides - Track 11 -
Better Man
With props/apologies to Jackson Browne, this song laments, on the one hand, all the unfulfilled dreams and ideas that have failed to come to fruition, and pleads, on the other, that we make hay while the sun shines. There is also the dark implication that while we are happily friending on Facebook, Rome is burning. There is the further suggestion that cynicism (“You’re quick to see the downside.”) stands in the way, but ends with the thought that everyone is potentially heroic, and that “life is a gift to you from God”.