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Like the wind off the ocean,
the birds on the breeze;
The sun on the mountain,
thereís truth in the trees.

The color of the sunrise,
the joy in your song;
Sweet scent of the flowers,
a love that is strong.

Forever and always,
some things are true;
But nothing more certain
than my love for you.

Though the sun and the moon rarely align; Itís not for us to say,
thereís nothing divine.

Thank God for our children, more precious than gold.
I pray for recognition
when itís God that I behold.

There are angels among us,
This much I know;
We live and we die,
And reap what we sow.
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Smokin' Silvertones
Yard Sail - Track 1 -
Lucy's Song
I wrote and sang this song for our daughter's wedding. The wedding was awesome, otherwise.