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Smokin' Silvertones
Yard Sail - Track 2 -
Hit Me Like A Hammer
 Some songs are heavy with meaning and symbolism, veritable political and social agents of change. They can make you angry, break your heart, change the world. Some songs, like this one, just want you to dance.
Spine tingling, mind numbing, earth shaking, hair raising rock and roll;
tooth gnashing, eye popping, nerve shattering, bone chilling shock and awe.

Heart pounding, ground breaking, news making, trend setting, clutch me like a claw; ass kicking, boot stomping, soul searching, blood curdling, nuke me till I thaw.

Hit me like a hammer, split me like a saw; lock me in your slammer, rock me till Iím raw.

Scratch me like a tiger, stroke me like an oar; press right up against me, heat me to the core.

Time warping, game changing, ear splitting, atom smashing, sweat soaked shirt; gut busting, chart topping, record breaking, show stopping, sex stoked flirt.