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Will there be subways in heaven, does God wear boxers or briefs?

Does he use a luxury aircraft,
like our commander-in-chief’s?

Does God have a girlfriend,
Is he married, or what?
He’s just got the one son,
And I’m cool with that, but…

Does God have a beard?
Is he black or white?

I hear the devil is red,
and that sounds about right.

I sure hope there’s food,
‘cause I like to eat.

How about some tunes,
that would be sweet.
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Smokin' Silvertones
Yard Sail - Track 3
Does God Have A Girlfriend?
The longer I listen to this song, the more mysterious it has become. More than any of the other hundreds of songs I have written, this one just sort of appeared on it's own. I remember starting with the intention of poking fun at the traditional, Biblically inspired notions of God I grew up with, but somewhere in the recording process, that changed. It seemed like Roger's guitar had something special to say right out of the gate, and we just stayed with that first take. The wistful, tongue-in-cheek questions don't get answered, but...I'm cool with that.