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There was wind in the willows, and a song on the breeze; the smell of the roses, the swell of the seas.
The clandestine forest, the ominous sky; precipitous mountains, the desert so dry.

Burned like a, burned like a,
burned like a fire.

Sounds so symphonic, the chaotic disguise; when the storm brought a rainbow, there were tears in my eyes.

Like a chorus of voices in a heavenly choir, the song in my heart burned like a fire.

In a crystalline dream, the majestic sunrise, gave me a measure of my relative size.

At the humbling horizon, I just had to inquire; I reached out to embrace her, she burned like a fire.
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Smokin' Silvertones
Yard Sail - Track 5 -
Burned Like A Fire
I grew up enjoying the sound of wind in a weeping willow my mother planted just outside our bedroom window. It was a soft rustling sound; long limbs, both flexible and fragile. Close your eyes, smell the roses, sail seamlessly from the ocean, through the fire, to the heavens.