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I used to be perfect, back in the day; I knew what to do, I knew what to say. Had the beast on the leash, the wolves were at bay; Built my own legend, then I threw it away.

Itís just the system, Iím not to blame; I called for back-up, but nobody came. Took too many chances, though I deny it was fraud; My intentions were good, but my logic was flawed.

Sooner or later, youíre gonna get caught; If you donít do it right, all is for naught. You may get only one, so make it your best shot. But donít claim that you did, when in fact you did not.
If you don't hear anything, click on the apple.
Smokin' Silvertones
Yard Sail - Track 6 -
Tornadoes, ice storms, lay-offs, and worse: stuff happens that you can't control. Just got to roll with the punches. But it's a lot more of a shame when you have nobody to blame but yourself.