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Give me your solution, answer to my prayer; Show me how you do it; convince me that you care.

Analyze my weakness, recommend a cure; Double my prescription,
just to be sure.

You’re on the road to glory, of that you have no doubt; Disregard the damned torpedoes, and
Knock yourself out! (4x)

You’ve conquered mighty mountains, won’t be taken for a fool. You hit the ground a’ running, and you’re almost out of school.

Sometimes late at night, you think you smell a rat; But with the pressures of the job, who has time for that?

So go about your business, get it while you can. Knock one to the bleachers, I’ll be your biggest fan.
You know the drill.
Smokin' Silvertones
Yard Sail - Track 7 -
Knock Yourself Out
I wish some one would explain to me how, the older I get, the less I seem to know. Little by little, I've lost confidence in all the things that once seemed so solid: our parents, teachers, church, government, system, species... Now I look back at the confident young bucks coming up and all I can manage is "knock yourself out". Cynical, for sure, but I'm rooting for them anyway.