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When I run my fingers through your hair, then you close your eyes and you touch me there.

You purse your lips, then come the sighs; the heat inside begins to rise.

You are just the right size,
I see deep into your dark eyes.

When you put your arms around me, the thrill of it astounds me.

The hotness of your lips, the curve of your hips; the tautness of your tongue, the bell has rung, our song is sung.

Your nails dig in, you start to pant;
I try to pace myself, but I just canít.

Throbbing rhythm, primal screams;
Free falling flight, as in our dreams.
Oh, look: chocolate. Same deal, tho.
Smokin' Silvertones
Yard Sail - Track 8 -
In Our Dreams
There should certainly be more to life than sex. But thank God for it.