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Tighten up those muscles into that too familiar frown; Furrow up your eyebrows. Did you earn your thorny crown?

Are you pleading with a dark horse? Is your long shot fading fast? Are your best days far behind you? Are you living in the past?

In that nightmare, it keeps coming, but you’re powerless to run. You deny that you are guilty, but the damage is already done.

You’ve made up your mind, though the consequences dire; You buy the high test gasoline, and you pour it on the fire.

Take a slug of Monday, you’re preaching to the choir. Add a pinch of anger, and you throw it on the fire.

Ten pounds of flesh, ten pounds of pain; The sweat and blood, like sheets of rain.
Actually, the song is supposed to play automatically when you open the page, but apparently on some devices one has to click on the apple.
Smokin' Silvertones
Yard Sail - Track 12 -
Dark Horse
If you are reading this with expectations of a coherent explanation of this song, you are going to be disappointed. I admit that I wrote it, but I don't remember what I was thinking. Clearly not too happy that day. I do understand that I was talking to myself, asking hard questions I can't answer. But sometimes, in fact most times, writing turns out to be therapeutic, so you go with it. And then the music picks up on and reflects the mental anguish of the lyrics and now you have something. And THEN, Chainsaw adds this weirdly cheerful country vibe to the chorus, as if to say "Oh, lighten up", and suddenly the song has taken a new direction. Mess or music? Your call, but I like it and hope you do too.