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I stayed up too late, couldnít get to sleep; played my guitar, facebooked my peeps. When at last I slept, I dreamt of you. When I woke up, knew what I had to do.

Rolled out of bed, I ran a mile; fed the dog, I even cracked a smile.
Chugged some juice, and my cheerios; laced my boots, and I was good to go.

Hey, weíre good to go, woman canít you see; weíre good to go, honey, you and me.

Jumped in my truck, I slammed the door; got all strapped in, put the pedal to the floor. I took the back road shortcut, to your place; checked the rear view mirror, you know, just in case.

You rock my world, you knock me out; now I know what lifeís all about. Because day or night, donít you know; when Iím with you,
Iím good to go.
Go ahead. Make my day.
Smokin' Silvertones
Yard Sail - Track 13 -
Good To Go
Guitar, check; Facebook and peeps, check; cheerios, check; boots, check; truck, check; you, check. Good-to-go.