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Pride comes before the fall;
Itís all yours, then not at all, then not at all. Donít trust your instincts to inform; beware the calm before the storm, before the storm.

Thereís a disturbance in the force;
Another drama takes itís course, takes itĎs course. You canít claim you just donít care, if it catches you unaware, unaware.

Itís not 20/20 hindsight, if you just see what you want to see; donít be blinded by the spotlight of subjectivity/pride & poor, poor me.

There are lessons to be learned,
there is cause to be concerned, to be concerned. Repairs that must be made, before your final notes are played, your final notes are played.

If itís too good to be true, share the joy with a grain of salt, with a grain of salt. And when your ship fails to come in, you should own up to your fault, to your fault.
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Smokin' Silvertones
Yard Sail - Track 14 -
20/20 Hindsight
Let's see, literary reference, check; Star Wars reference, check; abusive sprinkling of cliches, check; smarmy been-there, done-that, take-my-advice attitude, check. If it weren't for the vaguely pleasing cut-time transition and the bass lines at the end, this one would never have made the cut. Of course, rationalizing leaving it in is a perfect example of what the song is talking about. Arrgh. Are we not our own worst enemy?