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   I tend to the cynical, itís just how I roll; Resist the clinical, look for the soul. Been down most roads before, canít buy a thrill; but Iíll keep coming back for more, if you say you will.
   Better days are still ahead,
Better let her get her way instead.
Burn the wick at both ends,
Turn the trick, make amends.
   You walk through the fire, yeah, you got burned; you preached to the choir, another lesson learned. Put on your boots, remount your steed; your gun still shoots, just draw the bead.
   Better days, ah, better days.
   Iíll get back on my feet, Iíve been down before; Iíve seen pain, and Iím braced for more. Iíll take the fall; itís not my first; too soon to crawl, but I have rehearsed. Your words were sharp, cut to the bone; you can tear down our world, but my lifeís my own. Weíll break it down, we can patch it up; letís paint the town, letís drink a cup. Count your blessings, we can find a way; hold on to hopeÖ for better days.
   (Now we donít care, all that we share; remorse, despair, too much to bear.) (I love you; you love me, too. We pledged to be true, when we said ďI doĒ.)
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Smokin' Silvertones
Yard Sail - Track 15
Better Days
Be patient with this song. The first half just motors along, but the second half, which was added months later, features one of Chainsaw's best guitar solos ever, and there is a whole little drama taking place in the vocals. Roger and I put our hearts and souls into the whole project, but especially into this one. We have both seen hard times, but our music has allowed us to really believe that "better days are still ahead".