Smokin' Silvertones
Synergy - Track 1 -
Roger That
Know what I want? I want to see the world; climb Kilimanjaro, get my flag unfurled;
Amass a fortune, be filthy rich; have some one to scratch my slightest itch.
  Drive my Mercedes, fly my own Lear; sail my own yacht, brew my own beer.
  Roger that, all that and more; roger that, what are we waiting for?
  Do you want to party, do you want to dance? Do you want to liven up your circumstance?
  Do you want to soar high above the crowd? Thrill me to the core; say it loud and proud!
  Do you want to learn, do you want to know? Do you want to write like Edgar Alan Poe?
  Do you want to sing, do you want to play?
Do you want to do your thing? Do you want to have your say?
Somewhere deep inside, you will find the key to unlock directions to be all you can be.
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Live Bumpkin version
A big part of rock and roll is about letting go, dropping inhibitions, giving in to secret desires, dancing like no one is watching. This is that kind of song. You only live once; why not get all you can out of life?