Smokin' Silvertones
Synergy - Track 4 -
Critical Mass
Sometimes he fades into the distance, hearing voices in the dark;
Your aim seems strong and true,
but you somehow miss the mark.
With talent like a laser,
gifts so seldom seen;
Bringing joy and inspiration,
despite the shadow in between.
  You need a beacon in the darkness,
  take my hand and donít let go;
  Surely loveís the only answer;
   I swear to God itís all I know.
A thing of beauty, the human soul,
yet fragile as the finest glass;
Imagination without harness,
must surpass critical mass.
With a mind made for music,
and a soul full of love;
You can count on your piano,
when push comes to shove.
The world will not stop turning,
and no saviorís going to come;
So let the beauty of your music
ease the burden some.
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This song was inspired by my observations of, and relationship with the young man who plays the clarinet on the recording, Clement Serano. He is a remarkable musical talent, a sweet spirit, and I wish him well.
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