Smokin' Silvertones
Synergy - Track 5 -
Doin' 90
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Some days you rock, some days you roll;
Some days, you canít control;
Some days you scream, some days you shout;
Some days itís all about,

Doiní ninety in a fifty-five;
Burning rubber, feeling so alive;
Doiní ninety, going way too fast;
Living each day like itís your last.

Sometimes you stutter, sometimes you rap;
Sometimes coherent, sometimes crap.
Sometimes youíre weary, but donít slow down;
Driving in the country, or going downtown.

Sometimes youíre scared, sometimes youíre not;
Sometimes youíre cold, sometimes red hot;
Sometimes youíre willing, sometimes you wonít;
Sometimes you give a shit, sometimes you donít.

Strap on your seatbelt, shift into drive;
Crank up the music, here comes the ride.
Driving fast, feeling good.
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