Smokin' Silvertones
Like A Bomb, Only Bigger
Can't Find The Words
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G Bm7 Em C
Want to tell you I love you, Want to sing like the Byrds;
Want to make your heart pound, but I canít find the words.
Iím not like the others, the geeks and the nerds;
I want to write you a love song, but I canít find the words.
Em C
Canít find the words, (Hereís how you start,)
The key to your heart; (If your loveís off the chart;)
So I offer a smile, (Just open your heart.)
 As a place to start.

Words can be a weapon, spiteful, a curse;
They can be evil, hateful and worse;
But words can do miracles, solve mysteries and heal;
Give life to emotions; make love become real.

Canít find the words, (Whisper or shout,)
The key to your heart; (What love's all about;)
So I offer a smile, (Just spit it out.)
As a place to start.
C G B Em
 Might not be the best song, that youíve ever heard;
C G B A6
 But with your heart and mine, thereís no need for words.

You were not my first lover, even second or third;
But youíll be my last, if I can just find the words;
 Canít find the words, (Don't be afraid;)
 The key to your heart; (Give up the charade;)
 So I offer a smile, (No more delay.)
   As a place to start.
This is first and foremost a dance groove. But of course it is ultimately a love song, with a sub-plot regarding the language of love.
Do the apple if you don't already hear the tune.