Smokin' Silvertones
Like A Bomb, Only Bigger
Lost In My Guitar
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Do the apple if you don't already hear the tune.
Dm Am F C
There must be more than meets the eye;
A place we have not been.
Open up the golden gates, (we’re hoping)
heaven is within.
Am Em F G
Dm Am F C
Are you in the willow? Are you in the wind?
Are we wasting all our time, searching without end?

Am Em F G
Been waiting for a miracle, watching for a star;
Overwhelmed by memories, lost in my guitar.

C G Bm Em
Never stopped searching; can’t give in to despair.
C G Bm F D
One day we might wake up, to music everywhere,
music in the air.
Am Em F G

Dm Am F C
Saw you in the Spring, on that California shore;
Summer drifted into fall, and we saw you no more.
This song reflects my life-long, often futile search for God. Roger's guitar contributes some of the best evidence I've yet heard. Pay attention, it'll give you chills, too.
Click on the photo to see the acoustic version.