Smokin' Silvertones
Like A Bomb, Only Bigger
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Do the apple if you don't already hear the tune.
C-Dm, C-Dm, C-Dm-E
Am C
Iíll be cruising along, minding my biz;
Dm Am
Doing my thing, it is what it is.
Am C
Iíll be cool with the world, driving my truck;
Dm Am E
Thinking about nothing, making my own luck.
F G Am
Then she pulls my trigger, never see it coming, go figure.
F G Am
Like a bomb, only bigger, sheís got her thumb on my trigger.
Am C
The storm will blow over, just ride it out;
Dm Am
Stay calm and quiet, thereís no need to shout;
Am C
Everything will settle down, get back in the groove;
Dm E
Iíll have my chance, Iíll make my move.
C G Dm Am
Sometimes lifeís a bitch, you swing and miss the pitch;
C G Dm E
Right or wrong, who knows which;
but please donít flip the power switch.
Am C Dm Am
Turn loose the horses, burn up the road;
roll down the window, lighten up the load.
Am C Dm E
Turn up the music, take in the view;
Allow your mind to soar, the way it likes to do.
Like many songs, this one took on a life of its own, one which surfaced, surprisingly, after the song had been recorded. Turned out the lyrics seemed to be suggesting a story quite different from my original intentions. There are answers hiding under rocks, disguised in our own thoughts, blowing in the wind. It's good to keep on listening.