Smokin' Silvertones
Like A Bomb, Only Bigger
Die Trying
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Do the apple if you don't already hear the tune.
(C-D-) Ab Bb Cm, (F-G-) Ab Bb G
Ab Bb Cm, Ab Bb G
He always tried to make her happy;
there was nothing he wouldn’t do;
Ab Bb Cm, Ab Bb G
He did some time down in a coal mine;
even bought her cards and flowers, too.
Ab Bb Cm, Ab Bb G
He never, ever thought of any other;
she was the only one.
Ab Bb Cm, Ab Bb G
But she felt trapped and longed for freedom;
now he’s the lonely one.
Ab B? Cm Ab B? Cm
Can’t cage a free bird, I ain’t lyin’;
somebody always ends up cryin’;
Eb Bb Fm Cm Eb Bb Fm G
A spirit needs a chance for flyin’;
sooner or later she’ll die tryin’.
Cm - - G Ab Bb Cm, Ab Bb G
Don’t get me wrong, she was grateful;
her friends told her, “it could be worse.”
 Ab Bb Cm, Ab Bb G
She still turned down every offer,
but late at night she would rehearse.
 Ab Bb Cm, Ab Bb G
In her dreams, her prince comes calling;
and he carries her away.
 Ab Bb Cm, Ab Bb Cm
In true love she will be falling;
and there will come a brighter day.
This song is a potpourri of influences: a personal romance from a long time ago, Lynyrd Skynyrd, a neighbor, a dream. It's sad, but hopeful in the end. I worked on it a LONG time.