Smokin' Silvertones
Like A Bomb, Only Bigger
Gotta Change
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Do the apple if you don't already hear the tune.
Em D
Well, we always try to do our best,
but seems like every day’s another test;
They catch us dreaming when we should be awake; Never notice till we make a mistake.
Stay up late writing songs;
one day we’ll play them for some cheering throngs.
In the meantime we’re just working stiffs, climbing ladders and recording riffs.
      B C D Em
      Gotta change, rearrange, tighten up this track;
      Reboot, re-shoot, clean up my act.
Em D
Late for work and we take our time;
play guitar with my partner-in-crime;
We work hard and we share the load;
not sure we always meet the building code.
We’re not the worst, let’s point that out; when we get mad, we never scream and shout;
Work our fingers to the calloused bones;
Lord, help us, we’re (the Smokin’ Silvertones.)
                                (not the Rolling Stones.)
We will not soon forget the summer of '13. Roger and I built a barn, while writing and recording our fourth album together: "Like A Bomb, Only Bigger". This song tells a little bit of that story.