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Here We Go 5/30/2014
Blue skies, good road; I'm cruising down the highway;
No more nightmares; sunrise on a new day.

And then the clouds roll in and the cold wind blows;
The sky grows dark and before you know;

The dove grows quiet and the blood runs hot;
What does it matter who fired the first shot?

  Here we go, (hiding TNT);
  Here we go, (deep inside of me);
  Here we go, (devils in my soul);
  Here we go, (way beyond control),

Rein in the horses, brother, back off the gas;
You're headed downtown, going way too fast.
Take a deep breath, can you count to ten?
Recapture your composure 'fore you start to spin.

The thunder fades and the sun comes out;
You don't remember what the fuss was all about;
You drive right past like it's not even there;
With the sun in your eyes and the wind in your hair.

  Here we go...again!