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Stealin' Thunder 3/15/2014
Just another day, just another song;
Something will go right, something will go wrong.
Wrack your brain for words, searching out the truth;
The Devil plays his ace, you pay him with your youth.

  Stealin' thunder, with a mighty roar;
  I can't help but wonder, can I get some more?
  Stealin' thunder, I've got no regret.
  Some day six feet under, but I'm not there yet.

I should've asked, I should have paid;
But time was short and money to be made.
I turned the key, I hit the gas;
Heard the boom, saw the flash.

  Too late to change, can't stop me now;
  I'd turn back time, if I knew how.
  Take a deep breath, dive right in;
  Make this the best night that's ever been.