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The Journey 4/13/2012, 9/16/2014
It's one of those days when everything's wrong;
The feeling of failure is back and it's strong.
Regret who you are and it's too late to change;
Plans for your rescue were not arranged.

Do you go down with the ship, grasping at straws?
Do you march vainly toward heaven, ignoring your flaws?
Hard to see past the debt, but vanity roars;
And love's just a memory from too-distant shores.

  Sky goes to grey, then comes the rain;
  Light fades in the distance till nothing remains.
  Life has it's victories, humor and worth;
  But the journey is brief, back to the earth.

It's north against south, west against east;
Those with the most blaming those with the least.
Red versus blue, black versus white;
It's me against you, and we both think we're right.

While Muhammad and Jesus compete for our soul,
The power of evil continues to grow.
Why must we depend on legend and lore?
We've been overwhelmed by zealots,
And we're bracing for more.