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Everywhere I Go 4/16/2014
Cooped up in my office with a song in my head;
Can't quite place the melody, maybe something that I read.
But it's a song about freedom, learning how to fly.
And every time I hear it, makes me want to cry.

  Though you shall stay forever young,
  My vision blurs, my body slows;
  I keep you picture in my heart,
  Everywhere I go.

To all the brave soldiers who sacrifice and die;
We give all props and glory, we raise our glasses high.
In our hearts forever, your memory stays strong.
Through the pain and sorrow, forever sing your song.

  Some days seems I can't go on, feels like a heart attack;
  That long train just keeps running, till it runs all out of track.
  Words won't do it justice, a song won't bring you back;
  But we never will forget you, never be another Zak.

Sometimes take for granted how fortunate we are;
Our free time to our freedom, our cars and our guitars.
We thank you for your service, your country right or wrong;
Despite the rain and sorrow, forever sing your song.