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It Must Be You 4/14/2014
Just when all seemed lost, and hope was at an end;
You gave me a future on which I could depend.

Maybe just coincidence, maybe it was fate;
But had you come the next day, it would've been too late.

  I don't know what makes it rain, or why the sky is blue;
  But something makes the world go round; it must be you.

All the years, all the places;
Man, I must have seen a million faces.
Some brought joy, some brought pain;
In the end, only you remain.

  Still I have no explanation, how this whole thing works;
  Maybe really there's a wizard, who behind the curtain lurks.

Baby, it's you; all I need is you; I've got you; It must be you.

(You and me; meant to be; perfectly in harmony.)
(I don't know what else to do; how to show that I love you.)