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That'll Leave A Mark 3/30/2012
It started out just like any other day;
I stumbled to the shower in the dark.
I got no warning in my coffee,
That this day would leave a mark.

  I didn't see it coming;
  The dog could only bark;
  But he could smell the trouble,
  And he knew it would leave a mark.

When she told me she was leaving,
we were just walking through the park;
'Though there are worse things that can happen,
You know it can leave a mark.

  You can read between the lines,
  And deep into my eyes.
  If you look you'll see the signs,
  And the truth beeath the lies.

  When I get too tired,
  It's like gas on a spark;
  There are intemperate words,
  And you know they can leave a mark.