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 It Ain't You 4/3/2015
  I'm bullet-proof, armor-plated skin,
Ever since you hurt me, way back when.
I'm tough as nails, my resistance strong,
ever since you left me, ever since you done me wrong.
   (It ain't you) I sure could use a drink,
   (It ain't you) It's not what you think;
   (It ain't you) Just having a bad day;
   (It ain't you) Just leave me be, okay?
  My alibi is solid, you won't crack this case;
My tears and guilty feelings are gone without a trace.
Sometimes I can't sleep at night, I admit it's true;
Just get preoccupied; it sure as hell ain't you.
  I had love before you, I'll have love again;
Forget about how we were way back when;
So I'm strapping on my new face, my heart is healing fine;
I unfriended you on facebook, and I rarely get on line.
  I'm older now and wiser, better looking, too;
Don't spend quite all my time remembering stuff we used to do;
Getting back in shape, learning some new songs;
Part of me still wants you, but maybe not for long.
   (It ain't you) I'm done playing entertainer;
   (It ain't you) I'm out, check you later, check you later.