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Big Picture 7/7/2015
I'm trying to see beyond the mirror, outside the space I'm in;
I used to think I had good perspective, but this is now, and that was then.
I swear I've seen people on this planet who act like they must be from Mars;
Just when i think we've got nothing in common, somebody starts to play
some sweet guitar.

It's not so black and white, more like a mixture; (We are one,)
Try to see the light of the big picture. ('neath the sun.)

Let's try to climb outside the box; can we not learn from the past?
Love is at the door; patiently she knocks; can't we let her in at last?
Every morning a new day comes; might be sunshine, might be rain;
May we focus on the positive, the good that we can do?
Never mind the sorrow, never mind the pain.

Someone suffers in the shadows, seeking revenge;
Will your fear outweigh compassion when the world comes all unhinged?

Time for a change of heart, before we tear this world apart;
Before we tear this world apart.