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Throw Down The Monkey 8/10/2015
Still got my moustache, but I shaved my beard;
Didn't want to do it, but the thing got weird.
Now the birds are homeless, or so it would appear;
And the ladies are looking like it's hot in here.

   Throw down the monkey, turn loose the jones;
   Ramp up the rhythm, put down your phones.

We tightened up the act, we cranked up the show;
Supercharged the music, now all systems go.
Laid down the bass, all funky and low;
Turned up my amp as far as it would go.

Gonna raise some hell, gonna shake my stuff;
You know it's just as well, I can't get enough.

Got a world full of hate, can't watch the news;
learned a lot in school, darn little I could use;
I work hard all day, pay my fair share of dues;
Is it any wonder I sing like I've got nothing to lose?

Still count my blessings, don't get me wrong;
Got one sweet woman, and I've got my song.
I want to change the world, want to spread some love;
Might need to push, might need to shove.

Gonna raise my fist, gonna scream and shout;

A night not to be missed is what this is all about.