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The Chills 6/10/2015
When you shrug your shoulders, when your smile lights up the room;
Just to be in your presence, makes my heart go boom.

   Like thunder on the mountain, lightning in the sky;
   Pressurize my pulse, put the fire in my eyes.
   Like a shot of whiskey, roller coaster thrills;
   You give me goosebumps, baby, you give me chills. I've got the chills.

I want to take you for a thrill ride, heart pounding like a drum;
Ride my Harley on a hill climb, got to get me some.

Say you love me, or say you will; I'm no expert, but you've got skills.
I just can't wait until you climb into my Coupe Deville.

I can't suppress it, don't want to let it show;
Time to address it, I've got to let you know.