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I Fell In Love 3/18/2015
I should have told you when I had the chance;
Should have kissed you, should have made romance.
I coulda, I shoulda, but I failed to act;
Now you're gone, never coming back.

I fell in love, when I saw your face;
I had no doubt, not a single trace.
When you spoke, my lonely heart beat fast;
I knew my time had come at last.

I started searching for the words to say;
I never was much for small talk anyway.
Just one more drink and I'll be brave;
Then you were gone; too late to even wave.

We go our whole life, waiting for the one;
When your moment comes,
Please don't turn and run; don't turn and run.

Maybe someday you'll come back again;
I won't hesitate, I'll ask you how you've been;
And I'll tell you, you've been in my dreams my whole life;
At least that's how it seems.

Find the courage, 'cause there's no guarantee;
Carpe diem, don't just wait and see.