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Smitten 7/12/16

Last night I lay awake; (I couldnít sleep)
Couldnít get you off my mind; (Tried counting sheep) 2nd time: (Iím in too deep)
I tossed and turned, crashed and burned;
You put my heart in a bind.

Canít put my finger on it; (Canít explain)
Gonna take my ring, gonna pawn it; (Must be insane)
Iíve fallen hopelessly in love;
The way you talk, the way you walk;
Must be an angel from above.

 Smitten, I canít help myself;
 My fate is written, too late for stealth;
 Iím smitten, for me thereís only you;
 Stricken, what am I gonna do?

Shouldíve seen it coming; (I was blind)
Hit me like a train; ( I didnít mind )
You set my heart on fire;
I really canít explain.

Gonna risk all that Iíve got; ( All that Iíve got )
Throw caution to the wind; ( Throw caution to the wind )
Gonna give it my best shot; ( My best shot )
Break the rules if they wonít bend.