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  1. Electroglide
  2. Major League
  3. Fly Away
  4. The Occasion
  5. Get Your Geech On
  6. Wishful Thinking
  7. Cliche
  8. No Bars On Mars
  9. Sing Me The Song
Peter Bonner Scott: Lead Vocals, Guitar
Marc Waterman: Lead Guitar
Roger "Chainsaw" Ward: Guitar ("Cliche")
Caleb Long: Drums ("The Occasion")
Lee Solomon: Guitar (Electroglide, Major League)
Randy Scott: Bass, Keys, Harp

All songs written by Randy Scott
Copyright 2023

Photography by Gina Behnen
  1. Get A Grip
  2. Legacy
  3. And Chit
  4. Haywire
  5. Be A Man
  6. Overtime
  7. Humility
  8. The Time
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