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         All Jacked Up

I'm all jacked up; can't concentrate.
You have got me shaking; hope I don't disintegrate.
  Never been so excited;
  My senses are on fire.
  Every time I see you;
  You fill me with desire.
Some things are meant to be,
Never mind the price.
I know the odds are long,
But why not roll the dice.
  All jacked up, baby, we can fly;
  All jacked up, let's live before we die.
Go get your high heels,
Slip on that satin dress.
What happens on the dance floor,
Is anybody's guess.
  All jacked up, oh I am feeling great;
  All jacked up, and I can hardly wait.
(I am all jacked up) I'm all jacked up;
All jacked up; Totally stoked; All jacked up.