Smoking Silvertones
Synergy - Track 9 -
Rule It Out 5:20
Thanks to my friend Mandi for encouraging me to play my harp.
  As a child, I was always suspicious of the ark story, but I never did buy that Jonah and the whale thing.
          Rule It Out 2012
I don't believe in heaven or hell,
Noah's ark or Jonah's whale.
My belief in God is far from devout,
But I'm not willing to rule it out.

  My time is short, and so is my hair;
  My eyes are weak and my passion rare.
  Odds are slim of ever winning a bout,
  But I'm not ready to rule it out.

  Heads you win, tails I lose;
  Here I am, still singing the blues.
  My chance for glory's in considerable doubt,
  But I'm not ready to rule it out.

Been waiting so long for my ship to arrive;
My hope has faded, just barely alive.
Could be my captain rediscovers his route;
It's a long shot, but I'm not ruling it out.

  Stranger things have happened,
  Despite the slippery slope.
  Never say never,
  You've got to hang on to hope.
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