Smokin' Silvertones
Synergy - Track 12 -
Absolutely Gone 3:36
Paints an image of a cavalry soldier, bravely facing imminent battle, and the tragic inevitability of war.
"We can only hope for our release, someday to live in a world at peace."
     Absolutely Gone 2012

There are clouds on the horizon,
Static energy in the air;
Sense of anticipation,
Almost more than you can bear.

Waiting for a long time,
Hours seem like days.
You could almost feel it coming,
Through the velvet haze.

   The stage is set,
   Battle lines are drawn.
   Any hope of turning back,
   Is absolutely gone.

You raise your sword, spur your steed;
There comes a mighty roar.
A pounding of both hooves and hearts,
Marks the beat of war.

Men and power, and evil mix,
All through out the ages;
A fatal flaw we cannot fix,
And on the battle rages.

   Cock your rifle, say your prayers;
   Take a deep breath of that precious air.
   Steel your will, set your jaw;
   When the order comes, you heed the call.

(Do what's right, the brave will try;
Some will fight, and some will die.
The only hope for our release;
Some day to live in a world at peace.)
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